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I am a Hudson Valley Wedding photographer. Yes, I love photography. It is my passion. More importantly, bearing witness and playing a crucial role in one of the dearest moments of a couple’s life is a complete honor. It is overwhelming, actually. However, I am told over and over that my presence is comforting and that I somehow manage to fit in, like a welcome guest, at every wedding I shoot. To me, the ability to make people feel comfortable is the greatest asset a people photographer can possess. Having mad photography skills also helps too!

Not only do I care tremendously about giving you the best photos possible but also about giving you the best possible experience as well. Your wedding day is sacred to me and I will also be swept up into its magic! The last thing I ever want to do is mar it in anyway. I therefore know when to jump in to get the shot but also when to step back and give you space. Most importantly, my second shooter and I are also there to help – with your timeline, with carrying your dress, with helping you remove that darn false eyelash glue that got stuck in the wrong spot, and anything else that allows you to be calm and present on your wedding day.

Whether, I am shooting candid or creative portraits my goal is to always produce personal and authentic images. Sometimes that means jumping into the spirit of the event and capturing all of the energy, laughter and impromptu moments from the inside – as it unfolds. Other times, it means putting you in lovely light, (sometimes found and other times masterfully created) and guiding (not posing) you into natural expressions. No cheese allowed!

Other things about me:

I was born in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx and lived there till I was three. From the age of three till I was eighteen I lived in New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, California, and Alaska. I then moved back to New York City for college and then settled in the Hudson Valley.

I majored in History and Anthropology at NYU, somehow ended up as a LAN Administrator on Wall Street and then suddenly felt at home when I picked up a real camera for the first time.

My great grandfather was a 1930’s portrait photographer in Manhattan.

I love the Hudson Valley and when I am not shooting a wedding you can find my exploring it, camera in hand, for Chronogram and Edible Hudson Valley Magazines. A book of my work was also published by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust entitled, “Connecting: Celebrating the People and Places of the Hudson Highlands.” You can view my editorial work here: www.ChristineAshburnPhoto.com

You can almost always find me wearing the colors blue, white, black and grey.

My high school nick name was “Squaremarble” because I was both geeky and sassy.

Mmmm beer.

Currently accepting clients for 2018 and beyond