It was April Fool’s day 2015, when my photo appeared on Chronogram Magazine’s April 2015 Cover.  No foolin’, it was one of the best days of my life. Not only did I have my first magazine cover on a publication I admired but I was also vacationing with my three favorite people (my girls) in my most favorite place on earth – Big Sur.  I woke up and immediately online to check out the digital version of the magazine.  I jumped up and down for a bit, hoot and hollered as well –  then we hit the road to Big Sur.  My girls had never been before and I was excited to see it all anew through their eyes.  I am so grateful for that shared experience with my girls.  My life was pretty darn difficult for about five years prior and that day represented a full turning point.  We made it.

Chronogram Magazine is a wonderful Hudson Valley Arts and Culture magazine.  Holding the large format magazine in your hand is the way to go but if you can’t get a physical copy you can also check them out here:

Also, as the cover artist, I was featured in a short film (see below).  As much as it pains me to share it I will. Being in front of the camera is not my thing.