Dutchess Manor Wedding, Beacon, NY.  It was a joy to be a witness to Amy and Brig’s wedding; they are my most favorite type of couple.  For them, what mattered most on their wedding day was simply celebrating their union with family in friends.  No doubt they took time to plan their wedding day but when it came to the actual day, their focus was on what mattered most – embracing each other, their family and friends and having fun. It actually rained their whole wedding day and yet not once did I hear them, or anyone else for that matter, complain about the weather. When I met Brig the first time, I would not have expected such.  Brig’s first words to me were, “I do not want any pictures of me.”  Having just met him, I was unsure of his humor and whether he was serious.  I was so nervous, I emailed Amy just before the wedding to see what her take was on his request. In the end, I think Brig was half serious.  Not many like to be photographed.  I personally can attest to that – but few are as sarcastic as Brig.  Yes, he is very funny.  His true love for Amy, coupled with his wit makes for a very happy bride.  Not only that, he gave Amy the sweetest and most unique gift on their wedding day – an expert drawing of her dress framed.  When I looked at Amy in amazement of such a thoughtful gift, she simply gave me her big smile and said, “He is a great gift giver”.  Later, as I was leaving, I asked them where they would be honeymooning and Amy explained that she did not know.  Brig had planned it all out but had not yet told her as he wanted it to be a surprise. Please take notes from Brig: keep your partner safe, keep them laughing and keep them guessing and they will forever keep you in her heart. My warmest wishes to this wonderful couple.

Second Photographer: Amy Kubik
Venue: Dutchess Manor, Beacon, NY

Bride lauging during speeches at a Dutchess Manor Wedding in Beacon, NY