Wedding Photography 2016. The year 2016 was an amazing personal and professional year for me.  I loved revisiting new locations such as the Highlands Country Club in Garrison, NY and experiencing new locations such as Bad Seed Cider in Highland, NY.  For the first time all of my weddings were located in the Hudson Valley.  I love this valley and they backdrop it provides for the weddings I capture.  Here are my most favorite wedding photography images from 2016.

The top image in this post is my favorite wedding image from 2016.  I like this one so much because of the natural and dramatic lighting that softly highlights the bride. I loved this couple and the location of their wedding at the bride’s childhood home.  I had visited this location prior to the wedding day and when I saw the gorgeous light in the stairwell, I knew I must capture a photo here.  When I realized the bride would be walking down this staircase on her way to her wedding ceremony, I knew this would be the shot.  I positioned myself at the top of the staircase and simply asked the bride to walk slowly down the stairs. People like my candid wedding photos but they don’t realize that they can be carefully constructed.  I scout the locations in advance and look for the light. On the wedding day my aim is to put my subjects in the most gorgeous light possible it and simply let them be themselves. Found light is precious to me; it makes me so happy and so does this photo.

Bride getting ready at The Chalet in Cold Spring

Like the photo above I love the soft window light in this photo. Most people think the Chalet on the Hudson is limited when it comes to photo opportunities.  I did not find this to be the case.  You just have to look for the light.  In this case, it was in the bathroom of the bridal suite.  The lighting in the bridal suite itself was horrible but the window light in the bathroom was gorgeous.  Again, like the photo above I found lovely light and simply asked my subject to get ready there. You can see the full blog post from this Chalet on the Hudson Wedding here.

Bride and Groom Golf Portrait at Winding Hills Golf Club

This shot is a bit “hokey” than how I typical shoot but I liked it.  We got lots of other beautiful shots at this Winding Hills Golf Course wedding but after meeting the couple prior to there wedding, I wanted to incorporate their fun and casual attitude along with their love of golf into their wedding day.  I presented this idea for this shot to them and they were game!  I picked the location in advance and just let them have fun with it while I snapped away.  I wanted to capture the clouds and the sky, the landscape and the subjects all together.  In order to do this I had to bring in an off camera flash held by my assistant.

Bride and Groom Portrait at a lake at a Windham, NY Wedding

I loved this couple and their wedding. Although, I was only hired for five hours on their wedding day, we were able to get a ton of great shots. I love these short but impact-full wedding shoots. I work with the couple to make the most of my time on their wedding day and in most cases can produce many great photos in a short period of time.  Hiring a wedding photographer for a full day is not always necessary and works wonderfully when a bride and groom have a tighter budget. When I visited the location in advance,  the bride let me know the importance of this lake on her parents property – her parents were also married here. Again, we got a ton of shots on the walk down to the lake but I also wanted to give them something more epic that took in the whole landscape and featured the lake.  It was even raining but the neither the bride or groom minded in the least bit. This photo is now featured on the landing page of my website.  I love how it embodies my natural and modern wedding photography style.

Bride and Groom Portrait at a Dutchess Manor Wedding

When this couple volunteered to jump up on a table outside of Dutchess Manor wedding in Beacon, NY, I could not pass up the opportunity to get low and fill the frame with the gorgeous sky.  In order to get the details both in the sky and on the couple, I had to rely on an off camera flash.  Introducing artificial light into a photos is not my most favorite way to shoot, as the result is not as natural as found light, but in order to work in many different lighting conditions that present itself during a wedding, you have to bring in artificial lights during some occasions.  If I did not use my flash in this case, I would have to expose for the sky or the subject and one or the other would be too dark or too light and details would be lost.  Introducing a flash into the scene enables me to have both the subject and the environment at a more constant and controlled exposure.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Hudson Highlands Wedding in Garrison, NY

This photo is from my favorite wedding venue, The Highlands Country Club in Garrison, NY. The Highlands Country Club offers a wide array of shooting locations and I was excited to take advantage of as many of them as I could.  The bride and groom however, like most couples, wanted to enjoy and miss as little of their cocktail hour as possible.  They therefore requested that I limit my shooting locations to an area adjacent to the building.  When I saw these hedges, I knew I could make something special here.  I love the composition of this shot. You can view the full blog post from this wedding here.

Bride and Groom Portrait at Bad Seed Cider Wedding

This couple was blessed with an amazingly perfect wedding day on all counts.  I was grateful that we had plenty of time to take advantage of the beautiful wedding location at Bad Seed Cider.  We got a ton of great shots.  I really enjoyed shooting here. I like the simplicity of this natural light portrait in the orchard.  You can view the full blog post from this wedding here.

Bride portrait at a Highlands Country Club Wedding in Garrison, NY

Again, Highland’s Country Club in Garrison, NY is my most favorite place to capture a wedding.  The window light in the bridal suite is gorgeous.  I can’t stop staring at the photo.  I love how the soft window light highlights the bride and the deep shadows behind her. You can see the full blog post from this wedding here.

Family Portrait at Taste of New Paltz

This last photo is not actually from a wedding. It is, however, a photo of a couple whose wedding I did photograph at Highland’s Country Club in 2015.  I was actually on assignment photographing New Paltz for Chronogram Magazine’s Community Pages when I ran into this former wedding couple at the Taste of New Paltz in the summer of 2016.  I was so happy to see them again and absolutely delighted to meet their honeymoon baby.  So sweet!  Although, this photo was not included in the article you can view all the photos from this Chronogram Magazine assignment here.