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Kingston, NY Wedding Photography, The Chateau, Heather and Jay

Being both smelly and late for my very first meeting with Heather and Jay is not the best way to make a first impression. However, Heather and Jay did not hold it against me and in late spring this year I was lucky enough to witness and document their most joyous Kingston, NY Wedding Photography at The Chateau.  In my own defense, there was a valid reason I was late (and smelly) to our first meeting.  That particular weekend was exceptionally busy as I also had two editorial assignments.  I spent Friday and Sunday photographing various locales and people in my neighborhood for Chronogram magazine’s Community Pages (  Also, that early Saturday morning just before meeting Heather and Jay in Rhinebeck I traveled an hour and a half north to catch the sunrise over Churchtown Dairy on assignment for Edible Hudson Valley Magazine (   The cow photo shoot ran late, as one would expect a photo shoot involving cows, and well, yeah, I smelled like manure.  

Clearly, I would not have scheduled  another shoot and risked being late had it been their wedding day.  In fact I have never been late to a wedding. Still, it was our first meeting and Heather and Jay were kind enough to look past it all.  I must say that I am blessed with amazing wedding clients.  When I tell people that I photograph weddings, they often mention how difficult my job and refer to “bridezillas”.  I find most of my clients to be the complete opposite of this stereotype.  As I always say, good and real folk are my most favorite people and Heather and Jay, along with most my clients, are such.  

The second time I met Heather and Jay was at a site visit of their venue, The Chateau in Kingston.  At that meeting I was so impressed with the way Heather and Jay tended to each of the wedding details with care but never pretense. I was also very impressed with the way Jay actively involved himself in their day’s details, not typical of most grooms.  His concern was not act of control but rather simply because he was excited about his nuptials wedding to Heather.  In fact, on their actual wedding day, both Heather and Jay did what I hope all my couples do — they let go of all the mundane details and allowed themselves to simply get swept up in their celebration.  These two were equally sure of their commitment and extremely happy.  It was beautiful to witness them celebrate so genuinely and with such joy.  My favorite moments were when they let loose on the dance floor or the many instances I witnessed them belting out a song together.  I loved when they sang! I love these two together and it was an absolute pleasure photographing their wedding. Congratulations, Heather and Jay!

* A Photo from this wedding appears also in Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer, A Roundup of My Favorite 2017 Photos

Second Photographer: Amy Kubik

Venue:  The Chateau, Kingston, NY

The Chateau Wedding, Kingston, NY
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Kingston, NY Wedding Photography, The Chateau
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