It is important for me as a photographer to practice and play.  I do not photograph many engagement photography shoots.  I actually tend to shy away from them. They mostly feel awkward to me and I don’t think they are necessary before one’s wedding day.  Yes, they do help but on a wedding day, the emotion and connection between a bride and groom is there – brimming over the surface.  I love this about photographing weddings.  At an engagement session, not so much.  Showing the connection between couples is more forced.  This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and offer a two free engagement photography sessions to couples in my community.  Emily and Jake won one of them.  Photographing them was full circle for me, as Emily’s mom and I first met when our girls were little and we were both Girl Scout Leaders. Jake and Emily have known each other most of their lives and it was wonderful seeing first hand how truly good together this two are.  There was not much forcing the emotions to the surface here.  These two are already very comfortable together.

We choose early spring and Little Stony Point in Cold Spring as the setting for their engagement photography session. The weather was mild and we choose to shoot just before sunset – a time I generally insist on for outdoor shoots.  We simply went for a walk and stopped along the way for some shots. I was grateful that Emily’s dad joined us and helped carry some of my gear and held an off-camera flash to help capture the sunset just right. We scheduled our shoot for just before sunset and took advantage of the western setting sun across the Hudson River. Although Emily is from Cold Spring, Jake is from Florida.  They both now reside in Florida and will celebrate their marriage there as well.  I wish them and their families all the best!  It was great connecting with you all. 



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