Upstate New York Wedding Photography | Circus Themed


So. Much. Love. These two have an extraordinary kind of love, so they threw an extraordinary Upstate New York wedding to match. Some couples say their vows in a chapel or under a vine-covered arbor, but these two beautiful ladies tied the knot under the Big Top. They chose an acoustically designed venue for an incredible circus-themed wedding celebration. As they took in the moment during the ceremony, a full choir sang in the background. One of these brides is an exceptionally gifted singer and gave a surprise serenade. And how could I forget to mention how amazing they looked?! One bride wore a gorgeous white sequined gown, somewhat reminiscent of a 1920’s design, while the other donned a black suit with a subtle yet eye-catching floral design. Stunning! After the ceremony, we were all wowed with delectable food and dazzling circus acrobatics. Those were hard acts to follow, but the guests also tried out their best moves on the dance floor and created a laughter-inducing conga line. The party was amazing, but when I looked out across the room, I could easily see that family and friends were here out of deep love and support for the brides more than anything else. Happiness filled every inch of the venue. These two are an amazing couple. They complement each other so well and fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. I had a wonderful time getting to know them and hearing their inspiring love story. Both my second shooter and I had so much fun photographing this wedding—it’s one that we’ll certainly never forget! Very best wishes to the happy couple!

Second Shooter: Rubi Rose