I have known Chelsea for years prior to our Garrison, NY engagement photography shoot. Chelsea is my boyfriend’s niece. 

These two met in college in North Carolina. Casey is originally from North Carolina. No one could deny his dedication to when he uprooted his life and moved to our local community to be with her. A northeast community that has four seasons – and most specifically, a northeast winter. Whenever I see Casey in the winter I smile. I admit he looks a little pained by the cold but he happily endures to be with his love. Smart man.

Not only is Chelsea gorgeous, an amazing athlete, but she also exudes warmth and confidence. When I first met her several years ago, she greeted me with a warm and open smile and welcoming words. She even braided my daughter’s hair, making my girl feel super welcome as well. Chelsea is definitely outgoing and engages people warmly wherever she goes. Casey, on the other hand, is more reserved. Combined with his size, (yes, he is a football player) you might be initially intimidated – but not for long. Casey is a gentle and kind soul and it’s especially apparent when he flashes his big, shy grin. 


It is adorable to watch Chelsea edge Casey gently out of his comfort zone. Their chemistries compliment each other perfectly.


 I imagined a grassy and overgrown field for Chelsea and Casey’s summer engagement session.I also wanted to keep it local. I started traversing the country roads of our mutual community in hopes of finding the perfect spot. I found one fitting location. However, it was on private property and I was not able to get permission to shoot there. I then asked Chelsea to enlist the help of her father to find an ideal location. I knew that he would provide a solution, as soon as I thought of it. And he did! Thank you so much to Nick for using your local connections and knowledge of the local landscape to reach out to the owners of this gorgeous property. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you also to the owners of this private property for allowing us to use your gorgeous homestead as a backdrop. It was perfect!

I am sooo looking forward to photographing Chelsea and Casey’s summer wedding at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie. Thank you to the these two and their families for entrusting me with the honor. 

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