Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

I would not consider myself a purely photojournalistic wedding photographer. If I was, I would only be capturing things as they unfolded without any intervention.  However, I do love me some well thought out portraits. I will place my couples in some gorgeous light and gently prompt them into interacting together. I do not tell my couples precisely how to pose. I will guide my couples if need be. I will get them moving and interacting and then shoot for the in-between moments.

Although, if something does not look right I will let my subjects know and then simply ask them to change things up.  I prefer almost everything on the natural side – including my wedding photography. 

Overall, I would have to say that my style varies between fine art, lifestyle, and photojournalistic wedding photography. 

I will take a more fine art and lifestyle approach to the formal portion of a wedding day but the rest of the day I shoot as a Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

What I will do throughout a wedding day, no matter if my approach is candid or formal, is consider the light. Light to me is the best accessory you can have in a photo.  Knowing light is what gives a good photograph that edge.

I am constantly assessing the light throughout a wedding day. As soon as I arrive to photograph couples getting ready, I immediately seek out window light.  I then position my subject close to it and have them go about their day while I shoot from many angles. 

Other portions of the day, I will make my own light.  I usually have an off-camera flash handy to photograph the family photos.  I like the sparkle of an off-camera flash and the catchlights it puts in my subject’s eyes while also eliminating under-eye shadowing. During the reception, I like the freedom of an on-camera flash to illuminate the action.  The rest of the wedding day, I am the constant hunt for interesting natural light.  I especially love light mixed with shadow.  

The above photo is one of my most favorite wedding photos of all time. 

It was a purely photojournalistic wedding photography moment that was well, PLANNED.  The bride was getting ready in an upstairs room at her parent’s house.  I knew she would be passing this spot on the way to her wedding ceremony.  I saw this gorgeous light in advance and knew it would make for a dramatic picture as she passed by.  All I had to do was turn off the hallway light and wait for it to happen. 


Christine is a natural and artistic Hudson Valley Photographer - helping you feel comfortable to the point you forget I am even there.

Where "Wow we look good" meets "look how much fun we had"




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