Photographer in the Hudson Valley

Photographer in the Hudson Valley: Wedding Day Getting Ready Photos

As an experienced photographer in the Hudson Valley, I have to admit that photographing the bride getting ready is one of my most favorite parts of a wedding day.  

Many brides feel very emotional at this time.  It can be a surreal juncture.  Putting on their wedding dress signifies the official start of their wedding.   

I especially like that it is time for the gathering of women,  as the bride’s most significant females come together to help the bride put on her dress. 

Sometimes it is a quiet time and other times very stressful. Some brides feel a calm come over them as they put on their dress, others feel a panic worrying about how their dress may feel, look or fit.  Both feelings are relevant and the worry usually quickly passes. 

As a photographer in the Hudson Valley, this is a time for me to stand back, observe, and shoot. I do set the stage by seeking the best light I can find. Then I simply ask the bride and those helping her to assemble in the light. This is usually in front of a window.  

I always ask the bride if she would like me to leave the room as she gets undressed.  If so, I wait and then enter the room when their wedding dress is almost completely on.  

As the bride gets dressed the only direction I give is for everyone to stay in front of the window and be mindful of turning their back to the camera. I then crouch down to the floor and snap away.  As always, I am looking for those natural in-between moments. 

When the bride is fully dressed into her wedding gown, I take her aside for just a few moments to capture some lovely window lit portraits.  As a photographer in the Hudson Valley, this is where you will usually find me sighing behind the camera in awe of the beauty.  It is really important to me that a bride has an amazing portrait of herself on her wedding day.




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