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Poughkeepsie Wedding Photographer: St. James Church Ceremony

John and Marilyn like many 2020 wedding couples had to pivot on their wedding day.  When their Florida wedding plans were disrupted by COVID-19, they had to shift their wedding instead to New York. It was then John sought me out to be their Poughkeepsie wedding photographer.  

John contacted me after seeing a recent Greek Orthodox church wedding I had photographed.  He and Marilynn were having a small wedding ceremony at St James Antiochian Orthodox Church in Poughkeepsie NY.  Besides Marilynn, John has a love for religious icons.  This makes sense as John is currently obtaining his doctorate in theology.  St. James is adorned with icons, and therefore provided an ideal backdrop for Marilynn and his marriage.  

Their Eastern Catholic ceremony was solemn and steeped in tradition.  They had less than 15 people in attendance.  We took some quick photos of their families after the ceremony and then a few pictures of just John and Marilynn. The newly married couple then said their farewell to family and friends.  

There was no reception.  Instead, they got in their car and drove to Pittsburgh where John was slated to begin his doctoral studies.  The idea of them traveling across the country, freshly married, and in their wedding attire made me giddy.  I imagined them holding hands quietly in the car as their old lives fell behind them and their new lives together unfolded with each mile. I hope some passerby noticed that they were just married along the way and cheered them on.    

John and Marilynn’s love for each other felt comforting; as if they were already adept in taking care of each other. There was a stillness to them that felt very deep. 

I am very excited about their new life together in a new city.  I am sorry that COVID-19 dismantled their original marriage plans but grateful that it brought us together.  It was an honor to witness and document this important juncture in their lives.

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Hudson Valley Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Christine Ashburn