Square Marble was the nickname given to me in high school.  I am part geek, part edge. My soul runs deep and I am easily stirred by what unfolds around me.  You might hear me gasp or cry from behind my camera as I encounter beauty. I am affected. However, I take very little seriously and roll through life with my heart singing.

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Christine Ashburn

Oh hey! I am a Hudson Valley photographer based out of Cold Spring, NY. My style is natural and modern, blending documentary wedding photography with creative portraits. It’s my aim to create imagery that makes you FEEL. If you’re looking for stagnant and stiff poses, I am probably aren’t for you. Because I want to capture not only what your love looks like, but what it feels like. We’re all about that human connection. The caress, the tender gaze, the intertwined hands. The quiet moments of nervous anticipation. The sudden emotion when you realize you’re about to marry your best friend. I live for those in-between moments. The moments when you don’t think anybody is watching. I believe these moments are what set your love a part. And with these moments, I create raw, honest and emotive imagery. Photographs that you can look back at in 10, 20, 30 years and remember how you felt. This is your magic. The magic I see in you. The magic I want to show you. Head on over to my contact page so we can start making that magic together.



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I was born in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx but grew up across the US – New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, California and Alaska.  I have been in the Hudson Valley for the past twenty-one years. Experiencing the bush of Alaska versus the street of the Bronx led me to a fascination with how people live and me eventually studying History and Anthropology at NYU. Upon graduation, I worked as a LAN Administrator on Wall Street (I told you I was a bit geeky).  I was then a stay at home mom for my three daughters. I picked up a camera when my youngest daughter entered kindergarten and never looked back. It is in my blood – my great grandfather was a portrait photographer in Manhattan in the 1920s.  

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My Hudson Valley editorial work first appeared in the book published by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust entitled, “Connecting: Celebrating the People and Place of the Hudson Highlands”.  A second book featuring my photographs was published by Chelsea Green in January 2020 and features Letterbox Farm in Hudson, NY. My photos have also appeared in the pages and on the covers of numerous magazines including Chronogram and Edible Hudson Valley.  You can see more of my editorial work here:



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I see the world in shades of grey. I adore light and shadow. More importantly, I am not here to judge. This translates into a natural ability to make people feel at ease.  This is the greatest asset a people photographer can possess. Having mad photography skills also helps too! 

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In addition to wedding and engagement photography, I am a prolific Hudson Valley editorial and family photographer. You can see more of my family photography here:






This video makes me cringe a bit but perhaps you will find it insightful.  I was a bit nervous, as it was the first time I was on camera and found myself a little bit stiff.  Yep, I totally get being a bit stiff when a camera is focused on you.  This video was shot by Chronogram Magazine to feature the monthly cover artist.  The cover photo was from an out-take from a book of my photos, “Connecting: Celebrating the People and Places of the Hudson Highlands”.  The book was published by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust.




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