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Boscobel Wedding Photographer | Caroline + Louis

I can finally say that I am a Boscobel wedding photographer. I have lived down the road from Boscobel House and Garden for twenty-two years, but up until Caroline and Louis’s wedding, I had never photographed a wedding there. 

Caroline grew up in the US and Louis in Canada.  They met as teenagers while attending a summer camp in Lake George, NY. Caroline actually now works at the camp.  Also, it was the Camp’s Director who married them!  

Caroline and Louis’ wedding was beautiful, elegant but yet surprisingly simple. Being that Caroline and Louis have already been together for many years, their wedding seemed like a minor but treasured formality.  They simply gathered a shortlist of friends and family and casually celebrated.  

They married on Boscobel’s great lawn, shared a meal with guests and then witnessed the sun setting over the Hudson. Caroline and Louis were happy – their friends and family were happy.  Love and comfort enveloped them. It was one of the least pressured weddings I have ever encountered. It was truly lovely and Boscobel House and Garden was the perfect backdrop. 

Boscobel has been a part of my family’s life for many years. In fact,  I can currently walk to Boscobel from my Cold Spring home. When my three daughters were toddlers we regularly visited Boscobel. We would picnic on the lawn and marvel at its beauty. Well, I would try to while chasing three little girls around. I actually took one of my first portraits of my three daughters on that lawn.  The photo still hangs on my wall. 

Also, believe it or not, my eldest daughter actually said her first word at Boscobel, “Tree”.  In fact, that very same tree is in some of Caroline and Louis’ photos.

As a Girl Scout leader, we would take our scouts to outings at Boscobel. As a Garrison Art Center board member, I helped host events and programs there. In more recent history I attended the Hudson Highlands Land Trust 25th Anniversary Gala at Boscobel.  It was the night my photos from the book “Connecting” Celebrating the People and Places of the Hudson Highlands were first displayed publically. I remember sitting on a couch on the great lawn that night and watching fireworks over the Hudson. It is one of my most cherished moments actually.  

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare also performs at Boscobel every summer. I highly recommend attending a show and picnicking on the lawn beforehand. In addition, the Boscobel Big Band and Sunset Picnic occurs every September is another amazing event I try not to miss.

Boscobel House and Garden is a cherished place for my family. I am so thankful to Caroline and Louis and their family for allowing me my first opportunity to be a Boscobel Wedding Photographer.  I am also happy that such a special spot is now such a significant part of Caroline and Louis’s life and that they continue to cherish it beyond their wedding.  

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