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Cold Spring Engagement Photography |  Heather + Cherie

I had an easy and instantaneous connection with Heather the first time we spoke about her and Cherie’s Cold Spring engagement photography session. It was immediately clear to me that Heather was both genuine and personable. The season was late fall and the weather was quickly turning cold. We, therefore, decided to capture her and Cherie’s Cold Spring Engagement photography session as soon as possible. It was also agreed that a Cold Spring park, close to sunset, would make for the most romantic pre-wedding photos.

I have actually done many Cold Spring engagement photography sessions at this location before. Never does it get old!  With each session, there is a new angle to explore and I really enjoy the diverse topography this park offers. 

This single park contains a wooded trail, a beach, a grassy field, and a cliff that looks over the most beautiful parts of the Hudson Highlands – and perhaps all of the Hudson River.

It is also very helpful that the park is within walking distance of my Cold Spring home.  I adore living surrounded by the natural beauty of the Hudson Highlands! It is such an amazing backdrop for photography.

For Heather, Cherie’s engagement session we simply went for a walk close to sunset and took photos along the way. I adore their sun-kissed photos that highlight their wonderful connection. It was obvious to me that Heather and Cherie care for one another equally and greatly. It was wonderful to be in the presence of their connection and of course capture it.  In addition, both Heather and Cherie are both very chill people. This made for both an easy and fun session. It also helps that they are both wildly romantic, and being such in front of the camera came very naturally to them! Congratulations to Cherie and Heather! I am really excited about photographing your wedding later this year. 

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Cold Spring engagement photography
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