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The Garrison Wedding Photo of couple





Q.  Do you only shoot weddings?

A.  No.  A majority of my business is weddings but I also do a bit of magazine work as well.  A book of my photos, “Connecting: Celebrating the People and Places of the Hudson Highlands” was also recently published by the Hudson Highlands Land Trust.  You can view some of the photos from the book and my editorial work here:  I also take photos of families and children but have yet to incorporate this work onto my websites.


Q:  Do you have any wedding packages?

A:  Yes, they start at $3000

Please inquire about a custom package.

Q.  What is your wedding photography style?

A. My background in photography covers many genres.  I first started shooting as a documentary photographer, then a street photographer, and then fine art portraiture.  I also adore environmental portraiture in which the subject’s surroundings add to the story of my subjects. I utilize all of these genres in capturing your wedding.

Q.  How many photos can we expect from you from our wedding?

A.  I give a lot of edited photos –  anywhere between 300 to 800 total.  You will be able to narrow them down to about 50 photos that tell your unique story in an album.  The rest of the photos will serve as a complete memory of your wedding day. I also know how uncomfortable it can be to see one’s self in pictures, so I give as many as I can  – so you can decide.  I might prefer a specific photo’s composition but you might prefer another based on who is in the photo, the emotion or simply how you look.  Again, I give a lot so you can decide.

Q. Do you work with a second shooter?

A.  Yes, however, she usually leaves shortly after the reception starts.  I feel that unless you have over 180 guests at your wedding, two shooters is a bit obtrusive at the reception.

Q.  How do you deliver the photos and when?

A. I put your photos in your own private gallery on my website, as I edit them.  You can download them directly from my website and/or share them directly with family and friends. Depending on my work load at the time of your wedding, it can take up to two months to deliver all the photos.  I am meticulous but do my best to get them to you as soon as possible.

Q.  What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

I truly care about your photographs and your well being – and give every wedding I capture my all.  I take photographing a wedding very seriously. It is one of the most important days in one’s  life and I seek to capture it as lovingly as possible.  I cry at some point during every wedding I capture –  or attend as a guest, for that matter. As your photographer, I am not only documenting your wedding but also experiencing it as well.  A wedding is a very emotional and sacred day and the last thing  want to do is mar your experience in any way.  I, therefore, aim to know when is appropriate to step back or when it is appropriate to jump in to get a shot.