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This guide has some tips, and will tell you everything you need to know about how to choose the right wedding photographer for you.

Before You Choose a Wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer is a huge part of your day – your photos will let you relive this incredible day forever, and you’ll also be spending a lot of time with them throughout the day! Maybe even more time than you’ll spend with your partner.

So, it’s super important that you know how to choose a wedding photographer whose work you love, but also one that you can connect with and whose personality meshes with your, and one who has the experience, the equipment, and the knowledge required to make sure your day goes smoothly! 

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Invest in Your Wedding Photographer!

The first piece of advice is to invest in your wedding photographer! It gets expensive, I won’t lie to you – but the truth is that this investment is super important, and this isn’t something you want to skimp on. There are so many horror stories of couples who hired a friend of a friend without looking at their work, or those who booked a photographer whose prices were too good to be true, and then the photographer ended up delivering photos that weren’t very good, or even not delivering any photos at all. 

Don’t let this happen to you! The cost of a wedding photographer will depend on where you’re tying the knot, and on a few other factors, like the size of your wedding, but you should expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars for an experienced photographer. And, this investment will be so worth it, I promise.

When you book an experienced photographer, you get someone who will know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and who has the experience to make sure everything goes smoothly and to work with any hiccups that might happen on your wedding day! You also get someone who has good equipment, and just as importantly, someone who has backup equipment – everything from a second camera to multiple hard drives to store your photos, because technology fails sometimes and the last thing you want is to lose the photos from your day! 

You’ll never regret investing in a quality wedding photographer, because when you look back at your photos after the day is over, you’ll be able to see your story and to watch the day unfold, feeling every moment all over again.

Where to Look for a Wedding Photographer

Once you’re ready to start looking for a wedding photographer, the first step is knowing where to look! In this day and age, the Internet is usually where most couples turn, and it’s a great way to find lots of different photographers and get different options. If you know someone who’s gotten married, you can also ask them for a referral to their photographer (if you like their wedding photos), and ask them if they had a good experience!

Instagram, Google, and Pinterest are all great places to start looking for a wedding photographer, and you can search for your location – for example, look up the hashtag #HudsonValleyWeddingPhotographer on Instagram!

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University Settlement Wedding in Beacon, NY

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Most couples haven’t had to hire a professional photographer before, so knowing how to find one and what to look for can be a challenge! Here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding photographer.

Their Photos

Of course, the photos they take are an important part of choosing the right wedding photographer! You should like their work – and don’t worry, you don’t have to know a ton about photography to know if you like someone’s photos. Just take a look and see if you have a gut reaction to the colors, the way couples are posed, and the overall feeling that the photo gives you!

One of the most important things to look at is how the couples look in their photos. For example, my style as a wedding photographer is very candid, and I like to blend documentary-style photos with creative portraits. I’m not about stiff poses or forced smiles, because I think the best photos are the ones that look the most real! So, my work captures feelings – little moments of connection between couples, and the emotions that come with getting ready to marry your best friend. 

If you want a photographer that has a more candid style, as opposed to spending your day posing and feeling awkward, make sure to look at how couples look in the photos – do they look comfortable and natural, or stiff and posed?

If you find a photographer that you like, be sure to go to their website and see more of their work – look for photos from throughout the day! Social media tends to be a highlight reel, and seeing photos of couples in different lighting, at different parts of the day can help you make sure that the photographer can capture every part of your day.

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Your Wedding Photographer’s Personality

Personality is huge! Their work is important, but the truth is that the most important thing when it comes to how to choose a wedding photographer is that they’re able to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that you feel like you can spend the day with them.

Reading social media and their website can help you get a feel for this, but the best way to get to know any potential photographers is with a phone call! After you send an inquiry, many wedding photographers will encourage you to hop on the phone – and this gives both of you the opportunity to get to know each other, makes it easier to ask questions and helps ensure that it’s a great fit.

Reviews From Past Couples

Another important thing to look for is reviews! Your wedding photographer should have reviews from past couples that they’ve worked with, and reading these is a great way to see what the experience is like. You can usually find reviews on photographer’s websites, and on Google!

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Ready to Choose a Wedding Photographer?

If you’ve popped the question and found a venue, the next step is to find the right wedding photographer for you! And luckily, you don’t have to look far – you can contact me to see if it’s a good fit!

After you’ve found the perfect wedding venue, the next step is to book your photographer! As a wedding photographer in the Hudson Valley, I’ve worked at some of the most incredible venues in the area – and I’m ready to help you make your day absolutely epic. I’m all about authenticity and genuine feeling, so I won’t be posing you like a ragdoll or forcing you to smile at the camera. I want to document not just what your day looks like, but also how it feels! So, if you’re tying the knot in the Hudson Valley, contact me!

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