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The Garrison Wedding Photography | Kelly + Daniel

Kelly and Daniel are my “neighbors”.  Although I have lived in our mutual small community for the past 20 years, I did not know them till they asked me to photograph their December at The Garrison wedding, as they only recently moved here.  For me, there is a charm to photographing a local couple.  Yes, I enjoy being a part of the most significant days in all my couple’s lives. However, when we share the same community, the ability to see their lives continue to evolve around me is something I really enjoy. 

Another of my favorite things about Kelly and Daniel was their ability to put aside all the planning and details on their actual wedding day and truly enjoy themselves.  In fact, they put their planning and details aside long before their wedding day.  From what I understand, Kelly’s mother lovingly took the reins of the wedding details from the very beginning and all were happy about this. Not all couples can be this casual about their wedding day and therefore Kelly has won my most laid back bride award ever!  Yes, she was excited when I first met up with her on her actual wedding day but not nervous at ALL – however, I was, her mother was, her father was but not Kelly or Daniel. Kelly and Daniel were content to just let the day unfold around them and celebrate with their family and friends. This is sometimes hard for a bride and groom to do but my best advice to all couples.

The most scenic part of the Hudson River is the Hudson Highlands and the most scenic part of the Hudson Highlands is Windgate  – where Storm King and Breakneck mountains meet in the Hudson River. The Garrison golf course provides stunning views of both. Although Kelly and Daniel’s wedding was the first week of December, the surprisingly mild weather did not prevent our ability to photograph outside in this incredibly setting – then again, Kelly and Daniel’s love of the outdoors would not have stopped us regardless.

However, it was just cold enough that Kelly and Daniel’s ceremony was indoors.  Kelly’s dad was the officiant.  Kelly’s father’s words during their ceremony were the most beautiful and thoughtful I have ever encountered.  It was wonderfully personal, humble, and full of love.  I truly felt that I got a clear sense of who Kelly and Daniel are through his words.  Yep, I cried.  

Overall it was an amazing day and a treat to get to know this family and couple better. Congratulations, Kelly and Daniel!

*  Photos from this blog were included in my blog: Hudson Valley Photographer, A roundup of favorite 2017 photos

Second Photographer: Rubi Rose
Venue: The Garrison, Garrison, NY

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