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16 Locations for an Intimate Wedding and Elopement in the Hudson Valley & Catskills (2022)

Many couples are opting for an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley these days, especially with larger gatherings currently being banned in New York due to COVID-19. Whether you are hosting an elopement, a tiny wedding, or a micro wedding there are many locations to choose from in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. This blog will focus on a select list of 14 Hudson Valley and Catskill restaurants and wedding venues that can accommodate 50 guests or less.  I added some additional information about Airbnb weddings at the end of this blog.  Also, an adventure elopement, in which you and your love say I do in a more remote outdoor location is also a possibility but is not covered here. 

You can find out more about my favorite adventure elopement locations here:


1. The Goosefeather Restaurant at Tarrytown House Estate is the newest location on this list that can accommodate an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley. The Goosefeather Restaurant is part of the 26 acre Tarrytown House Estate that serves as a hotel, conference center, and event venue.  The Tarrytown House Estate actually boasts four locations to host a wedding. 

The Goosefeather is located in the quaint King Mansion.  In early 2019, I photographed a small wedding at the King Mansion.  The bride and groom got ready and had a small ceremony at the King Mansion.  They, along with their 12 guests,  then headed to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for an amazing wedding dinner reception in the private dining room (Stone Barns at Blue Hill is also listed below).  Follow this link to check out my photos from an intimate wedding at The Tarrytown House Estate

Since I last photographed at the Tarrytown House Estate, the King Mansion has undergone a complete modern renovation.  This included the opening of the Goosefeather Restaurant on the first floor. The Goosefeather, helmed by celebrity chef Dale Tade “pays tribute to the food of Hong Kong with a focus on noodles, family-style Cantonese barbecue, and dumplings”.  Yum!  

Goosefeather can accommodate up to 180 guests for dinner but with the four separate dining rooms, and outdoor seating you will have options. Honestly, I thought the King Mansion was gorgeous before the renovation but it looks even more incredible now.  The best part is that there are lovely guest rooms upstairs. So convenient!  Better yet, the light in the top floor suites is incredible. It is my favorite room to photograph a bride getting ready in (photo below). I would recommend any couple wanting a cozy Hudson Valley Mircowedding in a hip new space to jump at hosting their wedding at the Goosefeather.

Tarrytown House Estate Wedding bride getting reatdy


2. Le Canard Enchaine maybe a well known friendly and cozy French restaurant in Kingston, NY but few realize that the side dining room makes for a great location to host an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley. I know because I photographed such a wedding there. This wedding couple had their ceremony at a local church and then forty of their guests joined them for a fun wedding reception at Le Canard Encahine.

The side dining room at Le Canard is quaint and conducive to having a good time and enjoying a special meal. I personally love this restaurant.

intimate wedding and elopement Hudson Valley at LE Carnard Enchaine


3. The Restaurant Hellsinki is located in Hudson, NY, and is housed in an 1863 Instudustrial building alongside Club Helsinki, a live music venue.   The restaurant has a capacity of 85.  Brick, leather, and industrial finishes make this a great place to hold AM intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley

4. Wm. Farmer and Sons restaurant is another great intimate wedding and elopement location in the Hudson Valleyin Hudson, NY.  Wm. Farmer and Sons has three sit down dinner capacity options:  22, 50, or 7 people. The main dining room is elegant and features a wide range of culinary offerings inspired by the bounty of Hudson Valley farms. In addition, Wm. Farmer and Sons can also accommodate your wedding guests overnight in their 13 charming guest rooms.

5. Dolly’s Restaurant overlooks the Hudson River at Garrison’s Landing in Garrison, NY.  Dolly’s Restaurant is near and dear to me.  I personally know one of the owners, Shelley Boris.  Shelley is a well-respected Hudson Valley chef known for the use of sustainable ingredients.  She also runs Fresh Company catering that services off-site weddings.  Dolly’s and Fresh Company both “emphasize the use of local, fresh ingredients from the Hudson Valley, much of it is organic. Our food is comforting and cosmopolitan.”  In sum, Shelly’s food is delicious, unique, and substantive. 

Dolly’s Restaurant offers two options for hosting an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley.  There is the super cozy back dining room or the downstairs dining area – both can seat up to 24 guests.  The downstairs room opens up to a side lawn that straddles the Hudson River. 

I would be amiss if I did not mention that Dolly’s Restaurant was the former home of the beloved Guinan’s Country Store and Pub and where I first started taking pictures.  

I have photographed an elopement at Dolly’s last year.  You can check it out here: Wedding at Dolly’s Restaurant

Prior to heading over to Dolly’s for a tiny wedding, the bride and groom eloped on the banks of the Hudson River in front of the Gazebo on Garrison’s Landing.  There is a small site fee for having a wedding ceremony on Garrison’s Landing and you can contact The Garrison Landing’s Association through their website for more information:

Dolly’s is named after the famed Barbara Streisand movie which was filmed on Garrison’s Landing.

intimate wedding and elopement in the hudson valley and the catskills


6. The Bell Tower Venue is located in the quaint town of Rosendal and is widely known as an alternative intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley. The Belltower was originally built as a Dutch Reform church in 1896.  Many couples wanting a more vintage feel to their wedding have been flocking here.  There is one large room with a vaulted ceiling and a bar that you can use your imagination with.  The capacity is 120.

7. The Hudson House, in Cold Spring, is relatively unknown for an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley​.  I will be photographing my first wedding there this year. The Hudson House is a quaint inn and restaurant that was built in 1832. There are several overnight accommodations on site.  The Hudson House is the closest public establishment on the riverfront in Cold Spring.  There are many photographic opportunities within walking distance. 

Also, super cool is The Chapel Restoration – which is within walking distance to The Hudson House. The Chapel Restoration is an 1833 Greek Revival chapel perched above the Hudson River – a truly magical place to host your nuptials.

chapel restoration wedding cold spring, ny


8. The Bykenhulle House is a bed and breakfast built-in 1841.  It is located in Hopewell Junction.  The ballroom was later added to accommodate private events and Hudson Valley micro weddings.  The ballroom has a lovely light and airy feel to it. The most common headcount ranges from 50 to 80 people.  The Brykenhulle House can accommodate up to 13 overnight guests.

9. Owls Hoot Barn in West Coxsackie, NY features a rustic barn that can accommodate up to 180 guests.  However, they are  “offering special Elopement Packages for selected dates with onsite accommodation for 24 guests”.  

The feeling here is very vintage. They have multiple charming wedding ceremony locations to choose from.  I love the idea of hosting a weekend intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley here in which you and all your guests can celebrate and stay overnight together.

10. Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa offers capacity for larger weddings – up to 120 guests.  However, the Riverknoll House can perfectly situate an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley – up to 20 wedding guests and includes three bedrooms. There are also many other accommodation options also available on the property.  Buttermilk Falls is known for its peaceful atmosphere and views,  along with its amazing farm to table food.

Buttermilk Falls Wedding


11. Mount Tremper Arts sits tucked into the Catskill mountains and is a wonderful rustic alternative venue.  They do host larger weddings but can also accommodate up to 80 guests and there is also a sweet porch that can seat 20 for dinner.  Even better they can accommodate 16 + guests overnight.

12. The Forsyth Bed and Breakfast is a fantastic intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley​ venue in Kingston, NY.  I know this for certain as I have photographed a wedding there. The main house has five guest rooms.  Each room in decorated with gorgeous, unfussy details.

I first encountered The Forsyth as an overnight guest.  The main house can accommodate up to 20 for dinner.  In addition, there is a wonderful quaint barn on the property that can host up to 60 wedding guests.  The innkeeper, Tamara, is a gracious host and an amazing chef.

intimate wedding and elopement in the hudson valley and catskills


13. Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY is the epitome of farm-to-table food and is located on the most quintessential farm.  It really is dreamy.  Dan Barber, the chef, and co-owner has revolutionized the farm-to-table movement. 

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the ultimate location to host an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley. Traditional weddings at Blue Hill at Stone Barns can accommodate up to 260 guests.  However, they can also accommodate up to 16 guests in a private dining room and even more in the Dooryard Garden.  I have photographed a tiny wedding in the private dining room and in the Dooryard Garden.  You can see the blog posts from Blue Hill at Stone Barn Weddings here: 

Intimate Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding in Private Dining Room

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Dooryard Garden Wedding

intimate wedding at blue hill at stone barns


14. The Spillian is a historic Victorian-era mansion originally built in the 1880s by the Fleischmanns Yeast family.  This place is funky and exudes mood!  Oh, yeah, this place suits my style like no other and if I were to have an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley, this would be my personal choice.  

The Spillian can host up to 100 guests but I think twenty-ish would be perfect here. The mansion also has eight quirky and cozy guest rooms right upstairs.  Having a weekend celebration at The Spillian with my closest friends would be a dream. 

Catering is provided in-house. The proprietor, Leigh, is a licensed officiant.

In addition, the mansion is surrounded by a lovely forest.  There is a wonderful outdoor ceremony location, a small pond, and a bonfire pit.

dark and moody portrait of a bride and groom

The Spillian Wedding in Fleischmanns, NY

15. In Beacon, NY you can create a customized intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley at Rev. Jim Rooney’s Bed and Breakfast called the Beacon Hermitage.

The eclectic country accommodations are surrounded by lovely gardens, woods, hiking trails, and a small stream waterfall where you can take a dip.  Rev. Jim Rooney has many options available for couples wanting an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley for up to 40 guests – too many to list here.

Also, as you may have guessed, Rev. Jim Rooney is also a wedding officiant!  Rev. Jim will officiant your wedding wherever you choose to host your wedding, it need not be at his Beacon Hermitage.

I have has the pleasure of photographing weddings where Rev. Jim Rooney was the officiant.  I know firsthand that Rev. Jim is as warm as his Scottish accent.  Really truly, Rev. Jim is a genuinely nice and accommodating human being.  He understands, as do I, that each couple is unique and puts their needs first.

Check out his website for photos and details: Weddings at the Beacon Hermitage

16. In addition, an intimate wedding or elopement in the Hudson Valley can also be hosted at your home, relative’s house, or an Airbnb.  This idea of having a home wedding may sound quaint and lovely, however, it probably requires a lot more work than you might initially imagine.

An alternative would be to host an intimate wedding and elopement in the Hudson Valley at an Airbnb.

Microweddings are commonly held at Airbnbs across the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.  An Airbnb wedding can also require a lot of work on the part of the couple, however, it could be fun and cozy to hang casually with you and your closest friends and family for a few days at an Airbnb.

Just be sure to tell your hosts that you plan on hosting a wedding so they can help you make sure you are in compliance with parking regulations, noise ordinances, and their general policies as an Airbnb host. I personally know of a couple of great Airbnb wedding locations in Cold Spring, NY.  If you would like more info concerning your intimate wedding and elopement, please reach out.

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