Upstate wedding at the Garrison in New York

Alison and David initially contacted me after putting a call for their upstate wedding at The Garrison in a local Facebook group. A friend, who has been a supporter of my photography, suggested my name to them. As it turned out, Alison and David lived only about half an hour away from me. This made it really easy to get together before their wedding and have a drink together.

Almost immediately after meeting these two, I could feel their positive energy, and my gut feeling was that I would enjoy working with this couple. And I was right, and how! They were both really excited about their upcoming upstate wedding at The Garrison, and I was just as excited to document and be a part of it. 

Upstate Wedding at The Garrison

Finalizing the guest list, finding the right attire, wedding venue, florist, caterer, and wedding photographer – are just some of the MANY things that add to the stress of wedding planning for couples. But even when everything is planned perfectly and running as scheduled, an unannounced issue can still pop up on the wedding day. In the case of Alison and David’s wedding, it was the rain. 

It rained hard that day, and no doubt it made for a stressful day. But when you have a couple who’s meant to weather the storm together, as their upstate wedding photographer, you know that you’ve got this! Luckily, The Garrison is a great upstate wedding option to host events even in the rain. The ceremony room has so many large windows that open out to the incredible Hudson Highlands views. So, even though you may not be outside, you still feel like you are. Also, the little stone gazebo outside provides coverage and is great for photographs.

Gorgeous Sunsets And Epic Speeches

The sunset after the storm was “biblical”. It had rained most of the wedding, but it stopped just in time for a spectacular sunset. That’s also when I got one of the most romantic couples’ portraits of Alison and David by the gazebo outside. Alison looked radiant. Her dress was gorgeous, elegant, and spicy – just like her. And David looked so handsome in his spring suit. I am so happy that the rain stopped so that we had some time to capture some couple’s portraits at sunset. 

Besides the sunset, one of the most memorable things about their upstate wedding at The Garrison was the maid of honor’s speech. It was so hysterical! The maid of honor still had Alison’s first texts to her after her first date with David, and she read them out loud in her speech. I also really loved the way the groom danced. He had such great energy. I totally wanted to jump on the dance floor and keep in step with him. I loved capturing these happy moments into lasting images! The energy was awesome, and the photos are just proof of that.

Celebrate Love With Christine Ashburn Photography

Alison and David, thank you so much for choosing me as your upstate wedding photographer at The Garrison. It was a joy to be around you and your families. It was so heartwarming to see you both weather (quite literally) the storm together and not let the rain bring you down. I am so glad you two found each other, and I wish you both a very happy life together. Congratulations once again! 

If you are planning your wedding and think that I am the one who could bring your wedding photography vision to life, you can get in touch with me through my website or Instagram. I photograph weddings across the Hudson Valley in New York. To check my availability and for more information, you can contact me through this form.

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